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Though each person has own preferences, living areas which can reply to numerous preferences and needs haven't become actuality. Focusing on the lighting environments which influence on the impression of residing spaces, this research goals to supply comfy lighting environments for every resident by a flexible management. This research examines the relationship between lighting environments and human behaviors considering coloured lights. In accord with the connection, this analysis proposes an illuminance-colour management system which flexibly adjustments spatial environments responding to human situations. Firstly, the psychological analysis was carried out in order to construct human models for various environments. In consequence, most popular lighting environments for each examinee have been decided for specific behaviors. Furthermore, satisfaction ranges of lighting environments had been calculated by utilizing seven varieties of impression of the environments as parameters. The results have been summarized as human fashions. Secondly, this research proposed "Homeostasis Lighting Control System", which employs the human fashions. Homeostasis lighting control system embodies the algorithm of homeostasis, which is likely one of the functions of the physiological adaptation. Human discomfort emotions are obtained routinely by the sensor agent robotic. The system can offer snug lighting environments without controlling environments by residents autonomously based mostly on the information from the robotic. This analysis takes into accounts both illuminance and colour. The robotic communicates with the server which incorporates human models, then the system corresponds to individuals. Combining these three programs, the proposed system can effectively management the lighting surroundings. Ultimately, the feasibility of the proposed system was verified by simulation experiments.

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